Glass capillaries


The company


Micro capillary tubes of various geometries and bore formats.

Capillary Solutions GmbH is an internationally oriented company in the field of glass production.

We manufacture high-quality products for our clients for thermometer manufacture, medical technology, and other processing of glass capillaries and glass tubings of special glass I-860. We focus primarily on the production of micro capillary tubes of various geometries and bore formats according to our customers’ requirements.

Capillary Solutions GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of Geratherm Medical AG on 1 st November 2015.


Glass production has a long tradition in south Thuringia. The first thermometers were already being industrially produced in Stützerbach in the period 1830-1855.

Between 1850 and 1922, eight glassworks and a glass instrument factory were founded in Ilmenau alone. After nationalisation in 1945 they were reallocated to the state combine for technical glass Ilmenau in 1969. The 1975-built main factory of VEB Werk für Technisches Glas at Vogelherd together with its branch offices had ca. 5,000 employees.

There were production lines for hollow glass, tubing glass, container glass and silica glass at eleven melting tanks.

Capacities were significantly reduced after the end of the socialist planned economy in 1990. The Ilmenau glassworks were privatised in 1994.

Technischen Glaswerke Ilmenau GmbH (TGI) continued production on four production lines at the Ilmenau site. Produced were
  • capillaries, jacket tubes, rods
  • tubing glass
  • moulded glass
  • laboratory and glass for domestic use  

After some turbulent times (insolvency of TGI in 2014 and shutdown of Ilmaborglas GmbH in 2015), Geratherm Medical AG purchased the tank and production line for the manufacture of micro capillaries, jacket tubing and fine tubing.

The newly founded Capillary Solutions GmbH is continuing the production of these products in the newly built production facility in Geschwenda from 2019.